Welcome to Account Buyer!

My name is Novun and you probably know me from EpicNPC or other gaming related forums like OwnedCore or ePVP.

I'm always buying unwanted accounts for various reasons. However, I never use any of these accounts for botting or any unsightly activities! :)

I made the process to sell your accounts as easy as possible. You simply need to fill out a form after you select the game category and I will get back to you with my offer within 24 hours! If you don't hear from me in 2-3 days that means I'm not interested!

Keep in mind that I'm only interested in your unwanted accounts that you have no interest in anymore! Therefore the average price I can pay for each account is between 5 and 40 USD.

You can find out more about the rules and how to sell if you navigate to the correct page via the main menu.

You can find your game category either via the sub menu above or the links below!

If you have any questions about this website you can contact me on EpicNPC or Skype. But keep in mind that I only do business on my website.