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Aura Kingdom is one of the most fun Asian MMORPG games today. It’s not that old, considering it was released in 2013 and it quickly gained the attention of fans of the genre. What’s so unique about this game is that it has many more class options than other MMORPGs. In total, there are fifteen classes players are able to choose from. However, you might expect this game to be grindy as hell, but it actually isn’t. The strong point of Aura Kingdom is it’s amazingly written storyline, awesome anime-style graphics and environment that heavily reminds us of older MMORPGs, but with a bit more life in it. However, no MMORPG is perfect, and that also means that Aura Kingdom is in no way perfect. It doesn’t have a lot of dungeons and challenging encounters and it’s overall a pretty easy game to master and it lacks challenging gameplay overall.

So, if you have been playing Aura Kingdom for a while, and you think it’s time to switch over to a newer more polished MMORPG, it would be best to cash out on your accounts that are just laying around collecting dust. If your characters are somewhat geared and powerful, this would be the best place to sell your Aura Kingdom account. I have personally worked with thousands of accounts for all MMORPGs and you can be confident that I will give you the best price you can imagine. It’s much better to sell your Aura Kingdom account to me than to just keep it if you’re not even playing the game. I can provide you with a superb communication, amazing price, and most importantly, great service overall.

Having said that, this is the one and only place to sell your unwanted Aura Kingdom accounts, so look no further, you’ve found yourself a buyer you can trust!

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5-40 USD

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  • You will have to give me full ownership of the account before payment!
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  • In case of an account ban/lock the funds will be charged back!
  • In case I lose access the account will be banned and the funds charged back!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported on all forums/websites I can find you!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported to the FTC and CPA based on your IP!
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