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Champions Online is a superhero themed MMORPG game released back in 2009, and since than it has gained quite a following in both Europe and United States. What’s so interesting about Champions Online is that it’s a more action based game than other MMOs. It relies on your ability to land shots and use unique attack and block abilities to increase your power meter and ultimately make use of your more powerful abilities.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Champions Online doesn’t have any armor or weapons that affect your power. Both are purely cosmetic. In Champions Online you can make use of combination of abilities to damage your opponents and increase your mobility, which makes this game quite a unique sub-genre of MMORPG.

Having said that, the game itself is not grindy at all and requires almost no farming. All you have to do is level up to level 40 and enjoy the rest of the game. However, people do like to collect costumes, action figures, vehicles, and so on. This is what makes a Champions Online account valuable. People simply like collecting rare and unobtainable stuff, and you might be one of them and you don’t even know it!

So, if you’ve quit the game some time ago, you might have some leftover items that you don’t even know about which might be worth a lot of money. And if that’s the case, you’re at the right place. I can offer you amazing service, and a fair price if you want to sell your Champions Online account. Check out your old licenses and you might find something that’s worth selling. But even if you don’t have anything that valuable, you still might want to sell the Champions Online account if you’ve quit the game and no longer have use for it. It’s certainly better to get some cash than for your old account to just lay around and collect dust!

Game Details
Average Payout

5-40 USD

Please don't submit your account if you think it is worth more!
Seling Rules
  • You will have to give me full ownership of the account before payment!
  • All trades are final! You can't take back the account!
  • In case of an account ban/lock the funds will be charged back!
  • In case I lose access the account will be banned and the funds charged back!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported on all forums/websites I can find you!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported to the FTC and CPA based on your IP!
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