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Hearthstone is still an extremely popular card game, published by Blizzard Entertainment in March of 2014. Ever since its release, it has been a go-to card game for all the fans of the genre. What drew so many new players to this game, is the fact that it was simple to get into and learn the basics, and really fun to play for long periods of time, plus, it was extremely competitive. Some people say that Hearthstone is pay-to-win, and others do not agree with that. However, the fact of the matter remains, Hearthstone is the most fun card game you can play today.

Hearthstone is based on Blizzard’s previous franchise – Warcraft. The cards you can find in the game are all in some way connected to Warcraft and World of Warcraft. The spells are actual spells you can use in World of Warcraft, as well as heroes that appear in its lore. Since World of Warcraft is full of different stories, so is Hearthstone, with its Adventure Mode. You can buy Adventures from the Blizzard shop and battle against the popular World of Warcraft bosses and earn some pretty amazing cards and card backs along the way. Some of the cards you earn from Adventure Mode are even in the Hearthstone meta, so if you want to rank high, you might have to spend a few extra bucks in order to obtain that perfect deck and achieve Rank 1.

Since Hearthstone has been around for more than 5 years now, it’s only natural that some players have accumulated some rarer and more sought-after card backs in the game. For every holiday, and after each season’s end, Blizzard has added more card backs, which only increase the account’s value. Not to mention collecting golden and legendary cards. Now that is what really adds value to the account. If you have all of the golden legendary cards, your account is already worth a lot of money for the right buyer. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be willing to pay what you expect to get for your Hearthstone account. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. Even some low-end accounts can be worth something. If you have a high-level hero or many wins in the ranked bracket, you can try selling your Hearthstone account right here.

We are looking to buy almost any Hearthstone account. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 50 legendary cards, or no card backs, you will be sure to get a good price right here! So, if you’ve quit the game a long time ago and your account is just sitting there not being used, you might as well be able to sell it to us for a good price. We will offer you a fair price for a good account and the safest transaction you can ask for. Don’t bother with posting on online trading forums and waste your time on scammers and lowballers. Sell your Hearthstone account at Accountbuyer!

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