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Sell TERA Account

TERA (or The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is your standard MMORPG released in 2011 in Korea and in 2012 in Europe and the United States. It gained traction rather rapidly and as of May 2017 it reached 26 million players. The unique thing about TERA is its combat system. You can not target your opponent in TERA, but you rather aim a crosshair at them and use your abilities. The game features standard MMORPG elements like leveling, questing, PVE, PVP, crafting, etc. It’s your basic MMORPG and it’s a lot of fun to play for extended periods of time.

In TERA, it takes time to progress your character and become more powerful than other players. Some would say that it’s quite grindy and that the farming is tedious. However, TERA proves that even grindy games can be fun, with its unique and amazing gameplay features and awesome art style.

That being said, not everyone can play TERA forever, and there simply comes a time when you have to quit the game and move to other MMORPGs, or even other video game genres. However, you shouldn’t let your account go to waste if you’re not planning on playing anymore. You can always sell your TERA account to me. I will offer you a fair price and amazing service overall. In the past I have dealt with thousands of MMORPG accounts, so I’m confident that I will be able to correctly appraise your account. I’m always looking to buy unwanted TERA accounts. So even if you have low-end or mid-range account, I will surely be interested to make you an offer. High-end accounts are also always welcome, but only if you are sure you won’t be playing TERA anymore, and you’re looking to get anything out of them. So, in conclusion, this is the right place to sell your TERA account, so look no further!

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Average Payout

5-40 USD

Please don't submit your account if you think it is worth more!
Seling Rules
  • You will have to give me full ownership of the account before payment!
  • All trades are final! You can't take back the account!
  • In case of an account ban/lock the funds will be charged back!
  • In case I lose access the account will be banned and the funds charged back!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported on all forums/websites I can find you!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported to the FTC and CPA based on your IP!
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