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Sell World of Warcraft Classic Account

Seeing as World of Warcraft is still the most popular MMORPG in the world, and has been proudly holding that title for years, and will probably continue to hold it, the game accounts are very valuable to some people. If you have the right equipment, high item level, a bunch of pets, mounts, and achievement points, you will be able to receive quite a large sum of money for it.

Some of the more valuable things in World of Warcraft, that you should look after are the unobtainable items such as the Corrupted Ashbringer, Atiesh, Scarab Lord title and mount, Old Naxx40 Tier 3 gear and items, and so on. These items alone make the account worth thousands of dollars for the right buyer. However, you can also earn some cash even if you don’t have some of these unobtainable, more valuable items. Simply having a good item level and a decent amount of achievement points and mounts can raise the value of your account a bit.

What I’m mostly looking for are your unwanted World of Warcraft accounts. If you’ve quit the game a while ago, or you’re thinking about creating a brand new account, or something along those lines, you shouldn’t let your account go to waste by letting it sit and not playing on it. Someone else might enjoy your characters and the stuff you have on the account. So, the best thing you can do is sell your World of Warcraft account to me. I can offer you a fair price and excellent service. However, as stated previously, I’m only looking for accounts you no longer have use for. If you are willing to sell your high-end accounts with loads of unobtainable stuff and rare items, we can agree on a price that works the best for the both of us. This is, by far, the best place you can sell World of Warcraft account on, so look no further, you’ve found the perfect buyer!

Game Details
Average Payout

5-40 USD

Please don't submit your account if you think it is worth more!
Selling Rules
  • You will have to give me full ownership of the account before payment!
  • All trades are final! You can't take back the account!
  • In case of an account ban/lock the funds will be charged back!
  • In case I lose access the account will be banned and the funds charged back!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported on all forums/websites I can find you!
  • In case of an account recall/ban you will be reported to the FTC and CPA based on your IP!
Read all the Rules here!
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