Guild Wars 2

After you fill out the form I will send you my offer via e-mail and the Discussion Tab on your Portal within 24 Hours. If you accept my offer I will send you an e-mail address to which you will have to change the Guild Wars 2 accounts e-mail address.

The transfer of Guild Wars 2 accounts is more complicated than most of the other games out there. If you accept my offer after you send me your account details a ticket has to be written to start the E-mail change. After we agree on the price I will send my e-mail to which you need to change the Guild Wars 2 account’s e-mail address. I will only be able to Pay once support changed the e-mail address. You can initiate the e-mail change at Guild Wars

Give generic reasons for the tickets or give no reason at all. In my experience Support doesn’t make a big deal out of changing the e-mail.

I’m also going to need the Licence Keys and the Transactions ID-s if you have them!

After the e-mail change is done and I checked out the account myself I will send you the money within 1-2 Hours via your specified payment method.

You can submit your account info without registering, however, if you do register before submitting, I will contact you much faster!

If something in the form doesn’t make sense you can skip it by writing something there like: “skip”.